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Company Profile

With a unique ability to locate and acquire the "diamond in the rough", Das Global focuses on buying and restructuring underperforming companies. We specialize in undercapitalized companies needing liquidity to achieve success. By bringing the capital along with a management centric business model, we can offer quick turnarounds and huge returns on our capital injection.

List of Executive Offices:

Directors and Executive Management Structure Team of Das Global Capital Holdings Trust Corp., Parent Company: DBA-Das Global International Holdings.

Chairman & CEO, Das Global Capital Holdings Trust Corp. & management Staff
President, Das Global Capital Corp. & Management Staff
President, Das Global International Holdings
Sr. Executive Vice President, Research & Development
Sr. Vice President, Das Global Entertainment & Production Group
Executive Director, The Das Global Band & Orchestra
Deputy Director, Das Global Youth Choirs International
Sr. Vice President, Special Projects
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Affairs
General Treasurer
Sr. Vice President & CFO
Executive Secretary
Sr. Vice President, International Finance & Global Economic Development
Sr. Vice President, International Trade & Investments
Director General, Das Global World Peace & Solidarity Organization

Das Global Capital Petroleum Corp.

Eric O. Fosu, President & CEO

Das Global Capital Holdings Trust Corp. Organization Chart - Click Here

"Great growth is only capable when being built by great minds upon great structure."
- Founder: Das Global Capital Holdings Trust Corporation

Our Advantages

Understanding the principle of business development, Das Global brings a priority of leadership and an appreciation for structural and systemic development dynamics into its global organization phenomenon. Having a true gift for building greatness from the bottom up, we employ proven strategies to turn losing ventures into profitable businesses. Bringing with us a management team that has more than 100 years of combined business development experience, with fortitude and innovative processes to create success in any economic condition. Our leadership development model has been put to use in various settings including capital growth and charitable organization development as well as several Wall Street firms to increase productivity and ultimately generate global success.

We believe that our greatest advantage is our clarity of vision and our ability to strategically hand pick select business ventures that have the ability to generate huge profits despite a currently stagnate condition. Simply put, Das Global specializes in finding and selling diamonds in the rough.

"You are, at this moment, standing in the middle of your own acres of diamonds."
- Earl Nightingale

Das Global Regional Business Interests

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