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Secured Mining Contract:

The Below Chart captioned, labeled 'HOJA DE CALCULO". This is where the drill holes have been calculated; in the far right column, under "PROM" which means average. The number of 28.92 is given. This means that the overall drillings for thirteen holes averaged around an ounce of gold per ton.

On the following chart, there is a map of the drill holes that block the ore body out for 3000 meters in length by a thousand meters in width and a depth of 20 to 27 meters. Using these numbers, there would be a total of 81 million ounces of gold at a value of approximately $140 billion dollars. From the map, it would appear that the ore reserve could be called ”Proven" according to the SEC standard. These are some of the assets backing Das global Stocks.

Under Canadian GAAP these Shares are considered to be permanent equity and are classified in Shareholders’ equity in the Statements of Net Assets. Under U.S. GAAP, the redemption value of these Shares are calculated in accordance with the provisions of the redemption feature and classified outside of Shareholders’ equity as mezzanine equity for each reporting period, with changes in the redemption value from the beginning of each reporting period to the end of that reporting period being charged (or credited) to retained earnings.

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