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Welcome: Dynamic American System (D.A.S.)

The Das Global Capital Holdings Trust Corp., is the parent company of the Das Global Capital group of companies. D.A.S. is an articulated global strategic alliance capital growth, global asset management and global investment holdings organization. Indeed, through its vast gold, oil and gas reserves acquisitions, is dedicated to promoting its creative concept of its global economic & investment development vision and objectives. It is intending to create a brand of a global economic revolution during this 21st century, where all human beings are created equal of one race, the ‘human race’, under God, and for the pursuit of happiness and for a global economic prosperity. Dedicated to creating and developing a $2T to $5T global asset base economic and growth by the year 2020.

Further, to acquire and fund companies, with creative and intellectual properties of business ventures or divisions, which has solid track records and potentials for development and growth.

The organization’s objectives are also focused on mergers, acquisitions and funding of viable global micro-capital projects, such as; providing micro-loans to micro-enterprises with private equity funds, using Das Global Capital gold backed assets as collateral, to raise the necessary capital for these global economic ventures for international economic development.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
- Charles Darwin

Latest News

The Chilean Mines Acquisition News

On November 16, 2011 Das Global Capital (DGC) signed an acquisition/merger agreement with a Chilean gold mining Company, with a projected value of $140,000,000,000 (One hundred and forty Billion/USD), in which DGC has acquired 100% stocks ownership of the company, with a working portfolio of 6 additional mines to follow of which Das Global Capital controls all options.

The Das Global Capital Int’l Holdings have signed JVs with a Canadian Energy company, to drill oil in several Caribbean and Central American Countries.

We have also JV with companies that have huge gold mines in the United States and Mexicali, Mexico.

We are in the process of expanding in Australia, Nicaragua, Paupa New Guinea and West Africa sub-region of Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia for oil and gold assets. Intending to further expend to Central and Southern Africa to seek the acquisition for more assets.

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The Das Company Growth

Das Global Capital Petroleum Derivatives and Debentures Trading

Given its potential in global assets acquisition in the 100s of billions of dollars and the dynamic and phenomenon in the leveraging and creative management skill of these assets acquired, Das Global Capital Petroleum Organization through its investment banking affiliate, intends to engage in derivatives, stocks, bonds and debentures trading. >>> For more information Click Here

The Narrative:

When there are no inhabitants in the land there can’t be a society to form a nation. Thus, the people make up the society, which then form a nation through its population.

The society form an elected government, whose purpose and business is to manage the affairs of the nation by promulgating laws and regulations to protect the society and manage the resources of the nation.

The Economics of a nation and its growth:

The economic of a nation is derived from its people, the population. (Supply and Demand equals Productivity). Also, numerous factors do determine a nation’s success and whether its companies are good for investment.

They are; Inflation, interest rate, consumer spending and business confidence are important indicators in the short term. In the Long-term, though, a nation becomes wealthy or stagnates depending on whether it has the right composition of skillful workforce, capital and ideas to develop its potentials.

These fundamentals are essential necessity for the economic growth of any and all nations.

For Example:

In the pre-industrial era, China was the world’s largest economy. Its modest standard of living was on a par with that of Europe and the United States of America.

But China stagnated under the pressure of rebellion, invasion and a hidebound communists bureaucracy that was hostile to private enterprise.

The average Chinese was poorer in 1952 than in 1820. (Ref: the Little Book of Economics, page (6) by Greg Ip)

Therefore, the question is, why do some nations economy grow and some stagnant?

The answer is straightforward and simple: Growth rest on two building blocks: Population and productivity.

1. Population determines how many workers a nation will have, and

2. Productivity determines how much each worker output would earn.

Thus, the total output a nation can produce, given its labor force and its productivity, in economics, is called “Potential output”. And the rate at which that capacity grows over time is called “Potential growth.

So, let say if a workforce grows 1% percent a year and its productivity by 1.5% percent, then potential growth is 2.5% percent. Thus, a nation economy grows.

However, for a nation to be wealthy and its average citizen enjoy a high standard of living…it must depend on productivity, which is the ability to make more, better goods out of the capital, labor and land it already has.

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